About Us

Who the fu*k reads this thing?

We are Curbkid.

We sell both unlimited and limited edition collections each individually numbered.

Curbkid was an idea born from wanting a T-shirt that was unique, even if someone had the same T-shirt design as you, with the items unique print number Curbkid is always different and always individual.  We have designs ranging from unlimited to 1 out of 100 to 1 of a kind, each design counting up from the first one made.

Don't tell every fu*ker about us, we don't want word getting out. 

Oh, and you can only buy Curbkid here, from this website.  If you didn't get it here then you didn't get it.

Are you still here reading this? My God you need a life, buy a T-shirt, or a hat, then get out of here, see the world, swim with crocodiles, anything but this.